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  1. anyone have a step sensor or igus bushing for TC3000 for sale

    and how much please?

    my fuel emissions are through the roof wrong maf sensor to blame, also Cat flooded, and something wrong with exhaust

    thanks in advance

    else im going to scrap it,...
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    Bowflex release date

    Ive noticed on some sites like amazon that have Path of the Shell for pre-order that the date of release has changed to July 13th. Anyone else know anything about this?
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    Bowflex TC100 will not turn on

    when you find the relay, take the cover off it and manually move the contact with turn switch L or R. If the light blinks, change the relay. Ignition on too, of coarse.
  4. Max Trainer M6 Pre/Post workout

    I have just noticed that if I change the DI Pre/Post setting it changes the level of the main output to the speakers. It is louder with the button in.
    Is it supposed to be like that or is it a fault?
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    Is this a bad workout schedule

    I was sceptical but everyday looks better and easier to navigate, but I found 3 nasty bugs......

    one from Norway, another one from Kent and awful one from Czech/Poland
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