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    how do you burn 1000 calories?

    I dont want an answer like jog for 5 hours, could you give me a couple of things to do?
    Example- Run for an hour then Cardio for 30mins then Zumba for 1 1/2 hours then Leg workouts for 20mins etc etc etc..... i also have bball training for an hour so can you include that in the calorie loss counter aswell??? thanks xxxxxx

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    Stationary bike or incline running on a treadmill , if u do weights try to increase the amount of weight you lift, you can burn 500 calories a day , Jumping rope and climbing

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    Keep in mind that to really find out how many calories you burn in an activity you need formulas that include your own personal characteristics. E.g. a larger person burns more calories in the same activity.

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