I'm 17 and last year I had a wrestling injury. I was slammed/rolled on my left shoulder and neck. I had a burning feeling all down my arm and in the left side of my neck. Anyways, I couldn't raise my arm or even raise/curl 10 pounds for about 4 weeks. It was also very unstable. I had an MRI and an x-ray. And they said nothing was wrong except for a slight bulging disc in my neck. As time went on I got stronger, but it stayed somewhat unstable. (Fyi I didn't let it heal :/ I jusmped back into working out...even though I couldn't....Idk why I did that.) So anyways, I started to get this pulling sensation in the top part of my shoulder. It hurts if I hold anything in that hand. I lift weights 6 Dats a week and when I do shrugs it feels as if my shoulder is slipping down. Also, curls are extremely difficult to do and I can't use much weight. Also, any back exercises are hard on my shoulder blade and after the completion of many workouts I have a dull, constant ache on the underside of my arm and in my shoulder blade. Its also difficult to flex my bicep out in front of my body. This is really bothering me and affecting my gains as a consistant lifter. The weird thing is, I can do shoulder workouts with no problem. Aside from some weakness in my left shoulder(particularly in the anterior head) I can do shoulders just fine. Just the slipping/ pulling feeling in the front of my shoulder is affecting my biceps/lat strength. This is so weird because its been over a year. I'm going for another MRI Monday and I've been going to physical therapy for 2 weeks now. Please help if you have any info on something like this.