I just moved into a townhome, and my hope is to get a compact machine to work out on in the basement. It seems that the bow flex extreme two or the 2SE would be very good options for me. I intend to buy one used but I want to make sure the machine will actually fit in the space that I hope it will.

Basically my basement ceiling is about 84 inches high. However the ceiling drops several inches across part of the basement where it hides ductwork and piping. The amount of space I have between the wall and where the ceiling drops is about 37 inches.

I am trying to find dimensions for the machine from the very back of the unit (where it would back up to the wall) to the very front top part of the lat tower. As long as that measurement would be under 37 inches it would fit in the space I envision it to.

I could move it to the opposite side of the basement where I would have more clearance, the machine would just be far more in the way.

I appreciate any input