I am new to both this forum and web site. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section to ask this question, but I am looking for assistance in replacing a part on my Bowflex Blaze home gym. The issue has to do with the bench pad. On the bottom of the bench pad, there is a small metal tube or bar that is surrounded by a rubber tube. This part is designed to attach to the rolling seat on the Blaze to permit the bench pad to be placed either in a flat or inclined position. The rubber tube now has a tear on it. The bench pad itself is still in good condition and I don't see the need to replace it. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement rubber tube to attach to the bottom of the bench pad that is either manufactured by Bowflex or is license-manufactured for or compatible with the metal tube/bar on the bench pad. If there is no replacement rubber part designed for the bench pad, could you please tell me what kind of rubber tubing I would need and include other specifications like the thickness and type of rubber I need, the length of the cut, and the diameter of the hole for the metal tube/bar to fit through? I have attached photos of both the bench pad and tube to this post in case you need further clarification of what I am discussing.