I am using Max Trainer M7.
Clock is in sync with iPhone, and Apple watch.
1) start work out 14 mins interval 11:21 AM, with added time and cool down at the end, ending it at 11:42 AM.
I start workout on console, then select "other" workout on Apple watch workout app - at 11:21.
I stop console and stop watch workout app later.
2) At 11:41 I sync the workout (console + Max Trainer app).
3) Max trainer adds the data into Apple health as
start time: 11:42 AM
end time: 11:58 AM
date entered: 11:41 AM
4) Apple Activity app has two work outs - (1) Max Trainer (2) Other as expected.
Though Max Trainer shows start time as 11:42 to 11:58 as end time
Other workout shows start time as 11:21 and end time as 11:42 AM.

Start time of 11:21 and end time of 11:42 is the correct timing for workout.

Max Trainer is recording start time as when I sync the data and add duration of workout to it to come up with end time.
This clearly is wrong.

I tried to reach app support and the guy is no help - is refusing to even understand or help.
To me this is a bug and they need to fix it..

Any input/thoughts/idea on how to fix it?