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    Blaze or PR3000. Which one is better

    I am picking up one or the other today. The basic reviews I have found have me leaning towards the Blaze. Has anyone tried either or both?
    I had the Revolution and unfortunately sold it when I went back to the gym....

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    I personally like the pr3000 better. Have used one in the past. I haven't used a blaze however.

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    Blaze or PR3000 Which one is better

    Yeah I used to be on this other forum and then one day it said it coulkdnt show it. I just thought it was under maintanence but then it never came back ... I think...

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    Nice Nothing
    Ive got a few over 200, but I found this screeny of 119 in the first round which I thought was pretty good.

    I dont think Ive played in about a month... I may try to get back into it again assuming the server has gotten better?

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